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What are the ways to make money in Steam?

What are the ways to make money in Steam?

Postby sllemoolj » Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:48 am

Steam is becoming more and more important in the hearts of gamers. It can be seen from his popularity. A large number of free games and paid games have attracted many players. The open game upload platform also allows many game developers to publish their games on Steam. With the increase in the number of users of the Steam platform, the number of people in the Steam community has gradually increased, and it has become a social media platform in the game field. So there are so many players and the scale of the market has grown. How can players make money?

First, there is a steam market on Steam, where players can sell in-game items, as well as your personal profile background pictures and steam trading cards for Steam Level Up. Of course, the most common is the trading of trading cards. The trading of items requires items that are allowed to be traded on the Steam market. The card is a commodity that is in high demand and almost unlimited. The disadvantage is that ordinary trading cards are only worth a few cents. Only rare card profits are more attractive. Although the transaction volume of items is not so large, the value is often not low, especially some rare items in the game.

Second, in the Steam Workshop. Make paid mods, items, maps, etc. Of course, these require you to have enough influence and good enough content. Otherwise, no one will pay for your content.

The third type is similar to the second type, but it requires you to have a good influence. This is why many players choose Buy Steam Level Up. When you have a good influence and fans. You can live broadcast and make money by pushing advertisements.

To sum up, it is to make money by obtaining rare game items and produce it yourself. Or by gaining influence, getting fans' attention, and selling what they need.

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Postby RonaldMoobe » Mon May 10, 2021 8:26 pm

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