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What can I play in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

What can I play in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Postby meokeyymsough » Mon Mar 01, 2021 9:24 am

As the eighth generation of Pokemon, the version of Sword and Shield is another spring of it. The sales volume has reached the third position in history, and it is very possible to surpass the first and second editions. Let's take a look at its advantages.

Like previous versions, Sword and Shield also introduced numerous Pokemon. But at least 80 kinds of new Pokémon have also been introduced. For example, in the celebration of the 25th anniversary, singing Pikachu was also introduced.

Different from the traditional Shiny Pokemon, Dynamax and Gigantamax are introduced in the version of Sword and Shield. You can increase the size of Pokémon through Dynamax items, and you can use Max Moves under certain circumstances. Gigantamax is changing the form of Pokémon. Gigantamaxing is unique to 26 Pokémon, and G-Max Moves can be used through their respective movement types.

Eternamax is a mechanic introduced in Sword and Shield, unique to the legendary Pokémon Eternatus. Let the game have a richer fighting form. More players are also more inclined to Buy Shiny Pokemon instead of spending time exploring and capturing Pokémon.

The Galar region, which uses the map of the United Kingdom as a template, also has a new story background. The assault battle in the open wilderness area is also more exciting. The expansion pack of The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra also gives players more choices. Choose and you will become the strongest coach in the Galar area.

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