Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea Glass Our family lives near a beach and we find beautiful rocks and sea glass every time when we go for a walk at the beach. Everything that the ocean touches becomes beautiful. Shell rocks become smooth and show beautiful patterns which sometimes look like ancient inscriptions. Some pieces of drift wood look so artsy and perfect that don’t need any improvement. Broken bottles become sparkling jewels. Sharp broken glass edges get smoothed and the natural art pieces emerge. Most of sea glass pieces has plain color of several shades: clear, green, and brown. But there are also pieces of broken vases, drinking glasses, and sculptures that might be multicolored, they might sheen, or have a pearlescent glow, or even a hologram inside a glass piece. Grown men and women rejoice as young children as they find an intricate looking piece of sea glass.

Sea Glass See glass hunting might be a risky hobby when you collect pieces in close proximity to high waves. People call that activity extreme sea-glassing. I used to collect simple pieces of sea glass, and I put all them into a fish tank. I did not value them too much. But lately sea glass became a popular material for making jewelry and other pretty things. These days many more people collect it at the beach. They drill holes in it, or weld it into silver cast, and make all type of things: jewelry, Christmas decorations, picture frames, stepping stones, mosaics, vases, etc. Sea Glass

Sea Glass Jewelry for Sale So my daughter, Liza, also got infected with the sea glass virus, and now she spends her free time hunting for sea glass and making beautiful pieces of jewelry out of it. Liza uses sterling silver wire and chaines for her jewelry. She sells almost everything that she makes. Please contact me if you'd like to order anything that you see on the pictures, or see more examples, or if you wish her to make something special just for you. Sea Glass Jewelry Sea Glass Jewelry

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