Miscellaneous Cross-Stitch PDF Patterns

All patterns sold as PDF-documents which can be opened with a PDF reader program. For example you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader. The advantage of the PDF patterns is that they can be printed with greater quality and resolution, exactly how you like to see it. Also, if you like you can open the PDF document on your tablet and stitch referring to the image on your screen, no need to print it.

If you are curious what it takes to make a pattern please readMaking a Cross-Stitch Pattern article.

Family Tree
Cross-Stitch PDF Pattern
230x300 stitches, 17 DMC colors

Cross-Stitch PDF Pattern
200x274 stitches, 66 DMC colors

Grunwald Battle. Ulrich von Jungingen.
Cross-Stitch PDF Pattern
225x300 stitches, 39 DMC colors

Grunwald Battle. Vitalas.
Cross-Stitch PDF Pattern
210x298 stitches, 19 DMC colors
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